Real-life ‘legacies’ such as Lachlan Murdoch tighten their perch atop Fox and News Corp.

Lachlan Murdoch has long shared his famous father’s right-leaning politics and enthusiasm for the news business, which includes the family’s vast newspaper portfolio — even as the industry was battered by Internet search engines and shunned by investors. But he also has an emotional streak. When Rupert Murdoch decided to unload most of the entertainment … Read more

California home insurers plan to move back into fire zone under new deal

After a summer that saw many of California’s top home insurers withdraw from the state’s market, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara announced Thursday that he has reached an agreement with the insurance industry to encourage new coverage in the state. Insurers have agreed to move back to high-risk fire zones in California’s mountains and canyons in … Read more

My Little Pony, Lisa Frank: ’90s Brands Tap Millennial Cash.

In elementary school, Christina Martin loved the bright colors and whimsical animals of artist-entrepreneur Lisa Frank. There were leopard prints and big-eyed creatures, dolphins leaping out of a teal or purple sea. As a self-described “weird kid,” Martin was drawn to all of this fantasy. But while his classmates tote binders with iconic characters, Martin’s … Read more

Column: A utopian experiment in government by computers can teach us about building a humane future

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the so-called “other 9/11” — Military coup in Chileled by General Augusto Pinochet, which ended in the death of the democratically elected President Salvador Allende. Milestones are highlighted Hard retrospective, Remembrance And A re-examination of the violent autocracy of the next few decadesYet something else also died that … Read more

Column: Oil companies lied to us about climate change. California should sue on their ground

The oil companies want you to view the newly filed lawsuit in California over their decades of deception about global warming as a “hypocritical … Hollywood-and-foreign-billionaire-financed” effort to “starve the state of energy and cripple the economy.” Well, that’s what they would say, wouldn’t they? The lawsuit, filed Friday in San Francisco County Superior Court, … Read more

Hiltzik: Kristen Welker’s tragic failure

When Chuck Todd announced in June that he would retire as host of “Meet the Press,” few people who take politics seriously breathed a sigh of relief: Todd’s insight-free, no-nonsense, both-sides-do-it horse race news approach. The NBC News publicity machine immediately touted Todd’s successor, Kristen Welker, as a tough, whip-smart journalist, “dogged” and adept at … Read more

Disneyland renovation plan gets environmental review

Walt Disney Co.’s long-term plan to upgrade and renovate its Anaheim theme park and resort has reached another milestone with the release of a report detailing how the project will affect the environment. Anaheim on Sept. 14 released a 17,000-page environmental impact report for DisneylandForward, which aims to squeeze more attractions, shops and restaurants into … Read more