The UAW aims to get the attention of drivers by striking parts warehouses, including two in the Inland Empire

UAW workers picketing outside an Ontario auto parts distribution center say the jobs that once led them to flirt with middle-class status are no longer enough to make a decent living. The workers were protesting outside the Stellantis Mopar facility that supplies thousands of parts for automotive repairs and upgrades. It’s part of the United … Read more

‘Unprecedented’ theft contributed to $112 billion in retail losses last year

According to a study released Tuesday by the National Retail Federation, losses from retail crime will increase in 2022, causing many retailers across the country to change the way they do business. “Retailers are seeing unprecedented levels of theft combined with rampant crime in their stores, and the situation is only getting worse,” David Johnston, … Read more

Column: Jeffrey Epstein rises from grave to reveal how JPMorgan profited from his sex trafficking

You can put top executives at JPMorgan Chase & Co. on the list of people who wish they hadn’t heard the name Jeffrey Epstein. The giant bank has struggled for years with allegations that it was involved in Epstein’s horrific criminal record of sex trafficking and sex slavery. In June, for example, the company agreed … Read more

Hotel workers went on strike at five Santa Monica properties after talks stalled again

Hotel workers at five Santa Monica properties walked off the job early Monday after talks stalled last week. Unite Here Local 11 — which represents thousands of cooks, housekeepers, dishwashers, servers, bellmen and front desk agents in Los Angeles and Orange County — is urging hotels to agree to sweeping wage increases given how deeply … Read more

LA County gas station sign bans Romani women. The community pushed back against apartheid

The signs come down almost as quickly as they go up: White sheets of white paper, plastered on the doors of Roland Heights gas stations, prohibit Romani women from entering. “Long shoplifting skirts are not allowed in any Gypsy women’s store,” read the signs, using a term widely regarded as slang by the Romani community. … Read more

Column: The Writers’ Strike was the first workplace battle between humans and AI. The people won.

Historic, 146-day writer’s strike Finally seems to be over. Details are scarce, but the Writers Guild of America Sounds like a winner: It’s calling the deal “extraordinary” and announcing gains in almost every case. And while there are many reasons why the union ultimately prevailed — smart organizing and a memorable picket line, strong alliances … Read more

Newsom killed the driverless truck safety bill, saying he trusts the DMV

The California legislature passed a bill earlier this month that would require human safety drivers on heavy-duty robot trucks for at least the next five years. On Friday, Gov. Gavin Newsom killed it. “Considering … the existing regulatory framework that currently and adequately governs this particular technology, this bill is not necessary at this time,” … Read more

A lesson in California housing from a new urban planning billionaire

A cadre of Silicon Valley elites is drawing criticism from local residents and environmentalists for the plan A new town on the outskirts of the Bay Area, a project called “California Forever”. But efforts to expose a truth about California’s failed housing policy are to be applauded. California’s most influential group wants to build one … Read more

More than 75,000 Kaiser workers in California and elsewhere plan to strike next month

Tens of thousands of Kaiser Permanente employees in California and elsewhere plan to go on strike in early October as the health care giant and unions representing a large portion of the Kaiser workforce failed to reach an agreement this week that would have resolved concerns over pay, staffing and other issues. the problem A … Read more