Review: Luis Alfaro’s ‘The Travelers’ offers spiritual guidance for a world in perpetual chaos

“The Travelers,” a new work by playwright Luis Alfaro, creates a fantasy world for itself. In a poetic way that is clearly theatrical, this play comes to us through an imagination shaped by the legacy of Federico García Lorca and María Irene Fornes. The setting is as geographically specific as it is entirely invented: Grangeville, … Read more

Angus Cloud struggled with addiction. HBO, Sam Levinson tried to help the ‘Euphoria’ star come clean

“Euphoria” stars actor Angus Cloud as a soft-spoken drug dealer who knows when to cut off his desperate clients. Off-screen, however, he struggled with his own drug addiction that affected his time on the hit HBO series. Months after Cloud died of an accidental overdose at the age of 25 in late July, “Euphoria” creator … Read more

In Search of an Erased African: An Acclaimed French Novel Investigates a Literary Scandal

re-evaluation A man’s most secret memory By Mohamed Mbugar SararOther Press: 496 pages, $20 If you purchase books linked to on our site, The Times may receive a commission Bookshop.orgwhose fees support independent bookstores. Young writers are leaving Europe. He is moving forward Home of Senegal In the way of literary imagination. Faye of Digen … Read more

Column: Jeffrey Epstein rises from grave to reveal how JPMorgan profited from his sex trafficking

You can put top executives at JPMorgan Chase & Co. on the list of people who wish they hadn’t heard the name Jeffrey Epstein. The giant bank has struggled for years with allegations that it was involved in Epstein’s horrific criminal record of sex trafficking and sex slavery. In June, for example, the company agreed … Read more

During the lockdown, a California novelist’s hit debut felt like a curse. It also inspired him

shelf Land of milk and honey By C Pam ZhangRiverhead: 240 pages, $28 If you purchase books linked to on our site, The Times may receive a commission Bookshop.orgwhose fees support independent bookstores. In a 2020 essay, Si Pam Zhang wrote about the way McDonald’s kept her connected to her father, who engaged in “a … Read more

SAG-AFTRA members vote to authorize strike against video game company

SAG-AFTRA members voted overwhelmingly to give their leaders the power to strike against video game companies if they can’t reach an agreement on a new contract, the union announced Monday. The approval, which does not initiate a strike but is intended to give leaders bargaining leverage, brings the union closer to a second possible work … Read more

Martin Scorsese urges filmmakers to fight comic book film culture: ‘We have to save cinema’

Martin Scorsese is calling on filmmakers to save cinema by doubling down on his call to fight comic book film culture. The storied filmmaker revisits comic book movie themes in a new profile for GQ. Despite facing a backlash from filmmakers, actors and the public for comments in 2019 he denounced the Marvel Cinematic Universe … Read more