Now that the writers can get back to work, here’s when the daytime and late-night talk shows will return

Your favorite late-night host will soon return to the national conversation. The resolution of the Writers Guild of America strike, which officially ends at midnight Wednesday, means NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Production returns soon next week and will be the … Read more

‘Moonlighting,’ ’80s Bruce Willis breakout series, finally starts streaming on Hulu

Cue Al Jarreu! Cybil Shepherd’s Beehive, Rise! Bruce Willis-Janes is delighted! Moonlighters, introduce yourselves. The popular ’80s ABC dramedy series “Moonlighting” is finally making its streaming debut, on October 10 on Hulu. The program, which premiered in 1985, starred seasoned actor Shepherd and up-and-comer Willis. For his breakout role on the show, the “Die Hard” … Read more

WGA contract: What writers got from studio to end strike

The Writers Guild of America on Tuesday released details of the tentative deal it has secured with major Hollywood studios to end a nearly five-month strike. A seven-page brief, which was distributed to the WGA’s 11,500 film and TV writer members, included language addressing the union’s demands for minimum staffing in television writers’ rooms, along … Read more

A psychedelic mixtape by Chris Holmes will headline the new LA outpost of immersive tech company Cosmo

The upcoming immersive experience “The Journey Within,” debuting in Los Angeles in the spring, puts a new spin on “turn on, tune in, drop out.” The show is nothing short of completely engulfed in a kaleidoscope of bright lights, vibrant blues and purples, while a remixed version of David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” transports the audience … Read more

Why Some Bad Bunny Fans Think His New Song, ‘Un Preview,’ Is About Horse Girl Kendall Jenner

Is Bad Bunny’s steamy new single a message to his girlfriend and certified horse girl Kendall Jenner? Many fans certainly think so. The reggaeton sensation released his latest single “Un Preview” on Monday, and internet sleuths wasted no time on social media unpacking the sexy, lovestruck song. Naturally, the leading theory is that Bad Bunny … Read more

Fox Business Host Stewart Verney Gets Ready to Rumble the Republican Debates (Without Trump)

Fox News proved that the Republican presidential primary is more than former President Trump, as the first candidates’ debate on August 23 drew nearly 13 million viewers. Will audiences come back for more? Trump, who is leading the pack for the GOP nomination while facing four criminal charges, will not take the stage again when … Read more

The UAW aims to get the attention of drivers by striking parts warehouses, including two in the Inland Empire

UAW workers picketing outside an Ontario auto parts distribution center say the jobs that once led them to flirt with middle-class status are no longer enough to make a decent living. The workers were protesting outside the Stellantis Mopar facility that supplies thousands of parts for automotive repairs and upgrades. It’s part of the United … Read more

‘Unprecedented’ theft contributed to $112 billion in retail losses last year

According to a study released Tuesday by the National Retail Federation, losses from retail crime will increase in 2022, causing many retailers across the country to change the way they do business. “Retailers are seeing unprecedented levels of theft combined with rampant crime in their stores, and the situation is only getting worse,” David Johnston, … Read more

Review: Luis Alfaro’s ‘The Travelers’ offers spiritual guidance for a world in perpetual chaos

“The Travelers,” a new work by playwright Luis Alfaro, creates a fantasy world for itself. In a poetic way that is clearly theatrical, this play comes to us through an imagination shaped by the legacy of Federico García Lorca and María Irene Fornes. The setting is as geographically specific as it is entirely invented: Grangeville, … Read more

Angus Cloud struggled with addiction. HBO, Sam Levinson tried to help the ‘Euphoria’ star come clean

“Euphoria” stars actor Angus Cloud as a soft-spoken drug dealer who knows when to cut off his desperate clients. Off-screen, however, he struggled with his own drug addiction that affected his time on the hit HBO series. Months after Cloud died of an accidental overdose at the age of 25 in late July, “Euphoria” creator … Read more